Amānda Koster

I make visual sense of mental spaghetti.

My Superpowers

I pack a MEAN stack with a focus on front-end web development. Meanwhile, I am passionate about building the future of visual experiences with collaborative teams that focus on user stories. I have a comprehensive understanding of end-to-end visual storytelling concepts [think user stories, customer experience, products as stories], design, strategy, management, and production for a wide range of applications

Master Storyteller

Visual Storytelling runs through my veins. I've worked in 28 countries, worked as an award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker, two-times TEDx invitee and other high profile events. I approach products as stories and experiences.

Tech Savvy

With a MEAN stack I speak fluent geek and can easily collaborate with with engineers, designers, PMs, TPMs, and most of all, customers. For example, I built this site.


Founder of several successful businesses with a deep understanding of customer empathy and obsession while facing and analyzing ambiguity.

Fun Facts









Skills and Experience

Executive Producer

Executive Producer and Content Designer for multiple, inaugural products such Amazon Kindle in Motion eBooks and 'CARE', a computer-based, SaaS healthcare platform. Executive Producer for several award-winning projects such a This Is Beautiful, AIDS Is Knocking, SalaamGarage, and more.

Public Speaker

Two-time TEDx (invitational) and Ignite presenter. Web 2.0 keynoter, Q Commons, Gnomedex, universities nationwide and more. Former Lecturer at University of Washington Evans School graduate students, developed the "Good Stories Matter" series.

Startups & Product Design

Founder of internationally known SalaamGarage and award-winning hackathon startups such as the Hololens app DisastARcons and SheRox.

Software & Languages

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Handlebars.js, Express.js, JQuery, AJAX/JSON, SQL, Git, OSX, iOS, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office Suite, Asana, Bootcamp, JIRA, Wordpress, Atom Code Editor, Bootstrap 3, Sketch, Audacity, Balsamiq.

Sr. Content Producer

End-to-end producer and manager of high quality visual content such as video, photography, illustration, animation, web site, eBook and traditional book publishing. Author of extensive creative briefs.

Project Manager

Author of product documentation, white paper specifications, project scopes for content and Saas products. Experience with Agile development and UX design projects, fieldwork, online research, interviews, contextual inquiries, usability studies, prototype, and survey studies. Author of editorial calendars and schedule task master.

Vendor Manager

Author of RFPs and contracts, artist and agent contract negotiations (>$1M). Vendor research, identification, interviewing, selection, and onboarding.

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Seattle, WA

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